Life can be so busy sometimes that we fail to notice how our cars struggle in the garage or at the park, is covered with layers of dust and dirt — not to mention the bird poop that your car occasionally gets out of nowhere. Of course, maintenance is a must not just because we want to keep it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but also because cleaning and maintenance keep your car healthy. There are a lot of ways to maintain it, if you are a busy man, such as car-washing services or Car Detailing Memphis services for more thorough cleaning of your vehicle. The problem is, other people (if you are not guilty of this) do not have enough patience and immediately do something out the dust and dirt that can be found on your car’s parts. As the owners, we also fall prey to doing these things that are certainly improper to do, like putting some drawings and texts through the dust and removing the poops on the glass.  

The following are the things you should never to anyone’s dirty, dusty car  


Do not write and scribble on dusty and dirty car windows and panels 

There are two reasons that justify this. First, it is dirty to put your finger, and use it to scribble some texts on the panel and windows. It is plainly unhealthy and improper to do. The dust that can be found on the car’s surface can be carriers of some allergens, and if you run any parts of your body on this dirt and dust, there is a tendency you get some allergy that can be fatal when not treated immediately. Also, when you scratch your eyes and put some food in your mouth, you sometimes do these unconsciously that you forget you have touched some dirt on the car.  


Second, it is disrespectful. It is quite improper that you put some scribbles on the car you do not own. Even if you just want to be creative, it still does not justify the act of improperly using other people’s objects and equipment as a means of your art.  


Do not remove a bird poop on the windshield through your fingernails 

It can be quite tempting to remove the poop stains through nails especially when you cannot see any objects for removal. However, it is not advised because sharp nails may damage the coating of your car. It is more effective and safer if you let the professional do the job. They have the necessary equipment and methods for this. 



Do not wipe with a rag or any clothes 

When you see some dirt and dust, grabbing any cloth is actually one of the most common mistakes car owners do. Again, leave it to the professionals. Some rough clothes might damage and incur some scratches to the surface. Make sure that you are using a clean, microfiber cloth to avoid causing scratches on the car’s surface.