Using drones for photography has become more and more popular. There is no question to it as drones provide captivating shots that normal photography may not provide. Some people use this for entertainment, video editing, while other industries use it for different purposes, mainly for advertising and they Hire a Drone Pilot as some drones can be difficult to maneuver.  

 As owners of this amazing technology, we commonly think that drones are perfect for capturing good aerial selfies, but we are here to tell you that drones can do more than that. In this article, you will know some of the ways on how to make your drones more extraordinary. Why just simply fly your regular drone in the backyard when you can transform it into something truly amazing? 

Take some shots of illegal activities and report them 

Some photojournalists do this, and if you are a journalist or someone who is an activity, using your drone to capture and report illegal activities can be as fun and as self-gratifying as possible.  


Some journalists utilize this equipment to spy and produce videos from inside farms to expose illegal activities and crimes of some small and big industries.  


However, when using this, there are things you need to consider: 

Do not record individuals without their consent 

Do not spy on government bases because it is a crime 

Do not use drones whenever there are emergencies as you drone may interfere with the operation 

Do not trespass onto some private properties. 

Make sure to follow journalism’s ethical principles (for journalism purposes) 


Use your drone during disasters 

In some cases, floods and earthquakes can happen. You can use your drones to find missing people in places that are difficult to reach and see. You can also put some food on your drone to drop food packets to people stranded on places like rooftops (during a flood). Do something meaningful with your drone. 


Use it for security and looking over your property 

Your drones are the perfect equipment for keeping security in your place. Instead of roving around the house when you notice some noises in the middle of the night, you can fly your drone and find out what is happening without taking the risks of going outside the house.  


Aside from security, you can also use this to look over your property. Don’t have any ladder to check your roof’s condition? Do you need to check some parts of your trees? Again, flying your drone and having the omniscient view of your property is more convenient than physically do it by yourself.  



There are many things you can do with your drone. Of course, taking good selfies and spying the girl or boy next door can be done. However, there are more meaningful things your drones can do. We mentioned using it for journalism and reporting illegal activities, for rescuing and providing relief goods to people who are stranded and to use it for security. However, you can still be more creative in finding new ways to use them.