Your fence is probably one of the most important elements that keep your family safe and your house away from other damages.  Especially when you are a type of person who values safety and privacy, building and installing fencing in your property is already an option for you. It easy to install especially when there are many Fence Companies in Memphis, TN that can offer you professional services. What makes it hard is the planning stage where you identify the type of fencing you would prefer to be installed. What would you have? There are many types of materials that you can choose but timber (wood) and metal are two of the most common options for fencing. Both have their pros and cons, so it is better that you first educate yourself about them before deciding. 


Your fence will be exposed to different elements like changing temperatures caused by weather that could potentially damage your fence. Hail, the UV sun rays, rains – these are just a few of the elements that provide damage.  

 A wooden fence is not very durable to withstand all of these. Over time, the wood would become warped due to the moisture and heat it is consistently exposed to. Aside from this, a wood fence can be infested with termites and other bugs that worsen the deterioration of the fence. 

 Steel, especially galvanized steel, is resistant to these elements. It can also prevent the development of rust, which makes it long-lasting. 


A wooden fence is cheaper than a steel fence. This is probably the most obvious advantage of wood compared to steel. However, you need to be critical about it as the initial price can sometimes deceive you. Wood is less durable than steel, and this entails regular maintenance to make it last longer. Maintenance costs might exceed the initial cost of a steel fence, hence, making wooden fence more expensive than the metal or steel 


As mentioned, wood is more susceptible to damage than metal, and oil treatment needs to be done at least once a year. For maintenance, you can go cheaper with steel because it does not need regular maintenance, saving you from more expenses 


A fence’s main purpose is to provide you and your house the security you need. This is the very reason why you install a fence.  


A wooden fence is weaker and is easier to snap by burglars or by any animals. Aside from this, it does not make a noise when snapped, making it more dangerous.  

 Steel is sturdier and does not snap easily through normal force. Outsiders still need to use some equipment to tear it down, but when they do so, the steel makes a noise, making it easy for you to notice what is happening outside.  


There are many advantages that a steel fence can provide you compared to a wooden fence. It is stronger, more durable, and long-lasting. It is also cost-effective because it does not need regular maintenance as what wooden fence does.