If there is one insect we are programmed to fear; it is the roach. Cockroaches do not just invade and infest, they also scare and bite. Yes, in some rare cases, cockroaches bite! What an awful experience to have and displeasing imagery to conceptualize! 

 Because cockroaches thrive in humid, warm, and dark environments, you may usually find these pests in the areas that are hard to reach and clean, so if you are planning to find Pest Control Memphis, we encourage you to do so, because removing these pests requires professional assistance and appropriate equipment.  

We fear these roaches not just because they can be disgusting and dirty, but they also impose risks in your family’s health. There are a lot of diseases that can be associated with its bite and even to their exposure. As mentioned, they are extremely dirty to the point that they carry different harmful bacteria. They are more dangerous than you thought. Here is how: 


Cockroaches carry a lot of diseases 

Yes, they carry different bacteria that can cause harmful diseases. They roam around the dirtiest parts of the house and feed on garbage and dirt. This is why these insects are comparable to rats  – both are extremely filthy. They are known to carry plague, giardia, dysentery, leprosy, cholera, salmonella, typhoid fever, and others.  



They are harmful even when you don’t touch them 

Who would touch a roach, right? But here’s the thing; they still indirectly harm you. Even if you have not had any direct contact with these roaches, or they have not bitten you, chances are, they already have crawled on your tables, kitchen surfaces, and worse, food.  


Your supplies might have been contaminated with the allergens, germs, and bacteria hitching a ride on their bodies. So, if you observe an infestation, do not wait until it worsens, and contact immediately a pest control service. 



They can trigger other diseases present in the family like allergies and asthma 

Roaches bites are rare. However, there are a lot of ways these roaches contaminate you such as through shedding body parts (which is very gross), feces, saliva, and others. To make it worse, they do not just carry diseases but also trigger your present disease through their allergens.  


These roaches can trigger severe skin allergy and asthma because of what they produce in the air (again, like feces and shedding body parts).  



They reproduce fast 

As freaks as they are, these roaches love to hide and nest in the nastiest places in your house. They can be seen in drains, pantries, wall cracks, etc. and may infest your whole house. If this happens, they become more dangerous to your health than they usually are.  




Roaches are extremely dirty and filthy. They carry disease and even trigger asthma and allergies, which can be fatal when left unattended. So, if you see some sign of infestations, it is advised that you contact professionals to remove them from your house.